Digital India


Digital India is the dream of the many people including the prime minister of India. The word e-Governance is the key to the success of the digitizing the country. Why there is a need to digitize and what are benefits we get. This is the question that will be lingering in the minds of many. Today as the world is moving faster it is essential to give the facilities they require in the available time. One might say that it might be impossible to bring that in the short term but more than impossible it is necessary to bring that.

As we consider the United States of America their strength is the e-governance they have made a quite a lot of changes through that. In a similar way Indian Government wish to do the same. Talking in terms of operations point of view, e-governance reduces the lead time and processing time. As the whole process will be computerized there will a fairly good chance for improving the numbers as many of them have no exposure about the government facilities due to the lack their online presence. Today be it a company or product or anything if it has no website or online presence then the reliability factor is reduced a bit. Today online presence and online strength is attributed to the reliability of the company or the product.

e-governance will be the smart way to bring in lot of people getting involved in governance. It is always more the merrier but governance not an attractive sector to everybody so it is essential to pull a strategy that not only helps in attracting people but also shows a substantial growth in some aspects. This aspect can only lead to the further development. Recently United States President Mr. Barack Obama came on to a comedy show in order to promote This went viral for a while. That incident increased the number of people enrolled in the healthcare policy.

Similar steps had to be taken to educate the government policies and processes takeover by e-governance. This initiative of #DigitalIndia along with is much more commendable. More than important it is necessary process to make change in the system so that the future generation need not suffer. In this process of digitizing the nation one has to be keen on taking careful steps. These steps define the future of the nation. The importance of digitizing the country is to provide ease of access and reach the necessaries to the needy. Digitizing reduces the gap and so the people get the benefits and access they require directly from the government so there won’t be any lost in translation. Reduction in the transmission loss not only improves the efficiency but also gives motivation to the people to reap the benefits.

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Hello Moto


Everything shift needs a start, the initial push is what matters to change one towards the other end. I was using the Nokia 2700 classic mobile for the past 4 years. That is my first mobile. I was a bit reluctant to enter into the world of smartphones. So I decided to start of my journey with the new moto E. Motorola as we know it for the innovation have done something amazing with this new phone targeting on the majority people like me, who are cost conscious and also cost efficient. With the new smartphone I would first check the experience in exploring all the apps. The reason for switching in to the smartphones is to explore the options and opportunities.

First of all the thing which attracted me in the smartphone is to synchronize the contacts with the Gmail contacts. You don’t have to worry about the lost contacts if you miss the SIM or the Phone, which is a sigh of relief for me. I was awestruck by the user interface of the moto e which stood unique as it was smooth. The transition was perfect and felt no lag as many of my friends felt while using other phones. This I came to know due to the high speed processer and RAM. These technical details may be a jargon for me but at the end of the day it helped me to improve the user experience.

Beyond all of that the thing which attracted me the most and the prime of the smart phone is email and document editing and viewing. Although being an avid I always felt a bit of discomfort in reading while traveling. Sometimes in the train travel while lying in the sleeper coach I find it uncomfortable to read and luckily moto e solved the problem. With the apps such as moon reader one can easily carry a 100 books in one’s pocket easily on the go. Then the emails which is find is very hard to type in my Nokia phones come at ease in the Moto E. Especially the keyboard provided by the google is awesome. The gesture support facility makes the email typing and texting an easy experience. This took a while for me to adjust but it actually paid me well.

Apart from the smart phone being a companion in my professional life it also gives me the apps to blog and edit it through mobile itself. Now I don’t have to search for the internet facility so that the documents I typed in the system to be transferred into the blog. with the preloaded document viewer and editor named Quick office I had a wonderful time typing a blog in the word document and uploaded it in wordpress app for android.

Android must be congratulated for bringing a holistic view to the usage pf mobile phones. The Motorola took one step ahead and made it available for the economic users like me to experience the great product. The smartphones fascinated me but Moto E my first phone amazed me. If you too want to check out more about the new moto E you can check it in

Need of a Friend

Just like Spock says to Kirk in two or more Star Trek Movies, “I have been and always will be your friend”. Every time it is said by Leonard Nimoy only for some reason. Let us keep the jokes apart. It is similar that always a friend gives us this situation somehow. We would have no other choice but to give our better than best to save our friend. When Spock says this to Kirk he saves the life of the captain by sacrificing himself. Like Spock in real life my friend Gokul always says that the needs of a friend outweigh the need of the self. I always wondered that is not logically possible because some situation comes when we outweigh our needs over our friend’s need and can still be reasonable.

One such situation came to me. As the readers might have known by now that I am a Karate Player and at school tenure Martial Arts was my primordial activity. I was performing quite well within my limit and tried my best to give the worth for every penny spent by my parents. At the year 2003 I was selected to participate in the international championship at Sri Lanka. I was one among the two who was chosen to represent the country in the invited championship. The competition was conducted among the close invitees from the countries of India, Sri Lanka (Host), Pakistan and few Asian countries. It was considered as a pride to represent the nation.

The saddest part at that time was I had differences with my coach regarding the participation of the match and my fighting style. He had logical reason to support his side and so do I. The association provided me a coach for the short tenure to keep myself fit to play the game. I found it a bit difficult to mingle with the new coach. The deadline is nearing and my ego didn’t let me to go my coach.

My friend who knew me more than what I know about myself. He came to me as a god sent rescuer. He trained me rigorously for one whole week. He cancelled all his classes which I am not aware of. I kept my passport in my house and I was shivering like anything. I had no other phone number memorized than that of his and I called to his home. At that time mobile phone was not available and when I called to his home the reply was he is not at home. In my house there is no landline facility. I thought that I had lost the golden opportunity just because of my careless attitude and I was blaming myself. I had only 35 minutes to enter into the airport and within ten minutes when I decided to go back I heard the voice of my friend screaming in the airport waving his hands with my passport. I was feeling like he is the god. He saved the day, all went well. What I failed to see is that he missed a couple of exams which he prepared for the whole year and the sole reason for that is me. One exam is because of the training and the other crucial one because he came to my home to check with my parents and noticed my passport in there.

If he didn’t give me the passport he would’ve cracked the exam and might enter into elite student’s list but instead he gave up a year’s work just to prevent the disappointment of a friend. This gave me the thought which I was mentioning in the beginning of the post. Truly friends are the sole pillars of life and they cannot be replaced. They are the house which gives you protection. This post is for the which provides the protection called house through a friendly manner. Check out the site to know more.

Share Happiness


Happiness is not brought by achieving great things but the simple things that brings the smile in the face. Just like Gandalf the grey says, “Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I’ve found it is the small things; everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay… simple acts of kindness, and love.” When I achieved big things like world championship in Karate I felt good but that doesn’t bring any happiness in my heart. Yes it is the small things that keeps the evil at bay and brings the happiness and joy in our face. The same incidence where I won the international championship, post-match I was roaming on the streets of Gampola in Sri Lanka. I am unable to find one shop at that day to get some glucose water, I was exhausted. I came to know that there was some sort of holiday and no shops will be open that day. I roaming like anything to see some glimpse of a cool drink at that time a small kid in a karate uniform came and offered me a glucose drink. I without even questioning anything I gulped the whole bottle and saw the smile in the face of the kid. After I drank only I came in to my senses and thought how this kid knew that I am searching for glucose water and why he offered me.

I stopped the kid and thanked for the offering of glucose water. I asked him what is his name and what is he doing. He was telling excitedly. Then I was holding my curiosity to ask the question then one fine point I asked him why he gave me glucose drink and how he knew that I need glucose. He was telling that he enjoys the karate fights and he usually notices that there will be a supporting person in the corner of the match every time to offer glucose to fight better and he noticed my match and saw that no one is there to offer me a drink at the match break and he asked his brother after the match whether he can offer the drink to me or not. His brother happily agreed and gave a fresh bottle which is kind of precious to offer to me. I said to him that you and your brother are two great people without even understanding that whether the kid can understand what I said or not. The kid instantly replied yes, my brother is great because he fought against you. The kid also told that people around him are saying that if his brother didn’t fall for three minutes then he is a great player.

Then I realized that the kid is the brother of my opponent in the finalist. His big heart led to this happiness. All of that was exaggeration about my fight. I am not a giant or a dragon slayer. In fact the person who fought against me was more experienced, I won the match just by a slight margin which might have favored him if the time is reduced or extended. Still those big hearts gave me more joy than the championship itself. From then on I started greeting my opponents at the end of match. I just want to be at least 50% of what he was.

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Shattered Dreams : Game of Life

After a long time I had a chance to review a book in my blog, thanks to blogadda for providing the opportunity. When I saw that the book Ramayana Game of Life Book 2: Shattered Dreams was available for review I grabbed it. Still I honestly have to admit that I haven’t read the first book and asked a friend of mine who is an avid reader whether to continue or not with the second book as I haven’t read the previous one. The reply was positive and I went on to read the book. Beyond that every child must have heard at least one or another version Ramayana so deciphering what took place till the starting of the second part will not be a problem for any reader.

What intrigued me to read the book written by Subha Vilas is that what new thing the author going to offer to me from the n times told story. The new generation writers seem to have an obsession in retelling the mythological stories and epics. Some of them are pretty good too so I decided to read it and when I first saw the book the title Game of Life written exactly in the font and style of Game of Thrones. I literally read it as Game of Thrones (Has anybody did the same?). Then I had an impression that this might follow the narration of Song of Ice and Fire but thankfully the narration was simple enough to constitute a good retelling of the story.

Shattered Dreams

My Free Copy of Game of Life

The author has thanked all the versions of Ramayana and he clearly defines the differentiation factor of each book which brought me hope that this is not another retelling but should be a honest attempt and thus my journey begun. There is not much to say about the story which everybody knows. This book covers the period between the Dasaratha’s wish to bring Rama to the throne and start of Rama’s Vanvas(Exile) of fourteen years. The narration was smooth and stayed true to the crux of the tale Ramayana everybody knows partially. The highlight of this version is the addition of the footnotes to define some terminologies. The decision to make it as a footnote helps a new reader to skip the part and intrigue reader to explore the part. The Author clearly has idea to capture both the new readers and highly intrigued avid readers. I also liked the design of using the Pathuka symbol near the footnotes as an implication of footnotes. The flow is smooth and you won’t be disturbed by the footnotes if you want it to be a page turner. That was the biggest strength of the book. You can either view it as a page turner or a philosophical treasure up for new interpretations. Yes it gives you new viewpoint that is the story that held yugas ago still holds true. If you are much intrigued by now then you are the person to read those footnotes and give some work to the grey matter.

On the concluding note I wish to say that this book for the people who haven’t read the Ramayana and want to experience the reading of the epic in a simple manner. It is clearly evident that the author is more inclined towards the religious aesthetics and relevance of religion today. This is clearly seen in the book. I would suggest my readers to read from book 1. Last but not least after reading this I still felt that the title Game of Throne might have been well suited for this book.

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A Leap of faith


The famous American astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered the quote the, “One step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. These might not be relevant to all at that time but now I am able to understand the importance of that quote. Every step towards the success starts with a small step but it is the giant leap. Just like the sermon says you need to take a leap of faith in order to attain the Holy Grail. Not only these another example is the bold move of Bilbo Baggins to sign the journey along with dwarfs which is just a small step for every one of us but as far as a hobbit is concerned he moved out of his world. It was a bold move. All the above examples clearly states that you need to push yourself one step ahead and that one small step matters the most.

For me I am not old enough to talk about this much bold move but what I can talk about is the bold move by my mother. We are just a middle class family looking for the monthly salary from the government. As the salary satisfied the needs in the rented house no one had the thought of buying a new house. But my mother thought that this cannot be the same till the end of the life. A house is an important thing and owning a house in the future will secure your shelter and we don’t have to rely on others for a very long time. This thought was not much encouraged by any relatives but my father was on my mother’s side all the time. Although he found it uninteresting he still gave hope to the thoughts of my mother. When we heard that the house my mother once lived in our native is up for sale she immediately wanted to buy it. The opposition came in all ways possible right from the neighbors to the relatives.

They strongly felt that the house at native has no value. If we are planning to buy a house then we must buy at a bigger city. Even the rent at that place is very much lower and it is much away from any big cities. But my mother was determined to buy that house even when we had no money or savings in our hand at that time. It was the firsts for many things. First time my father applied for the loan which gave us only 20% of the buying amount, then my mother sold all her jewelry which along with the loan amount covered only 60% of the cost of the house. All we did is paid the advance amount to the owner. He was kind enough to wait until we pay the rest of the amount and waited for it more than 6 months which is impossible now days. For around 6 months we underwent lean in our house and cost cutting hit the maximum and we somehow managed to pay the full amount. The beauty here is that the amount needed to pay for the house is just 3.5 lakhs which is nearly impossible at that time. Now the price for the house is 20 lakhs and nobody ever thought that the house in my native will hit that range. That move was a leap for our family because if we failed to buy that house I wouldn’t have gone into college at all. Yes, the house is now funding my college tuition fee through loan from the bank. That moment was a moment of pride for my mother. As a son I felt more than just happy to see my mother’s vision. Those six months of struggle never even came near to the joy we had after owning that house. It was a #StartANewLife moment for us. We didn’t have the opportunity of accessing the websites such as which could’ve improved the chance of buying a better a house at that time.

Moment of Clarity



As of now I am doing my post graduate in Management in Thiagarajar School of management. This is a proud moment for me but if I look back for a year and a half my life was fulfilled with nothing. I was broken and had no hope, no direction to travel. My CAT preparations were going nowhere. I was thinking all to myself that what I was doing. The biggest question of my life was standing in front me and staring at my face. I started preparing for the competitive exams very late and not much sure of what I am going to do further. I enquired a lot of people about what I can do and what the scope of various areas is. I never took a breath to think what I like to do for the rest of my life. Self-esteem was very low, I lost confidence that I can compete towards anything. I had felt that I lost to compete with the rest of the world. Then all of a sudden I came across the book, “Surely, you’re joking Mr. Feynman”. The book was about the life of the greatest physics professor prof. Richard P Feynman. It started off as a normal biography then it turned out that it is one of the greatest moments of enlightenment.

The book started with the childhood story of a kid who is from Far Rockway is no way near to the most developed United States of America. The kid had the thirst to understand things and the kid started off with the Radio he had to all the electronics he can get his hands on. This was a great story of motivation to all the kids who are from the humble background. He got into Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He got there and from there he went to Caltech, then was in Cornell. Everything happened because of his love for the subject. I never thought I will get my lesson of life from a physicist. That moment I started my preparation with a reason to extent to achieve something. I may not achieve something but at the end of the day I will surely have a good sleep that I have tried something towards my goal. I was so much happy reading the book that even scientist can have fun, can be a playboy and after all that win Nobel Prize. You can be whatever you want with whatever you have.

In the words of some anonymous I would like to say that as a moment of clarity. That book opened my eyes and it brought some vision to my life. I never thought at that moment that I would clear my CAT and MAT. I cleared my exams and got a scholarship which made me to push my boundaries. Whenever I read some passage from the book it gives me motivation to push the boundary. It is the love of science to understand the world helped him to push the boundaries and the same holds to me. To me it is the love to understand the people is helping to push the boundaries.

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Meri Maa


I am writing this post for the contest by HDFC named Apno ko Apne Dum pe Jeena Sikho. Here I wish to say a few incidents in which my mother had helped me to be more self -reliant than that of anything. To start off right from my school days I was more reliant on my best friend whose name I don’t want to mention in here. I was so reliant on him that I use to agree whatever he says, it started as a mutual interest but later due to that I relied in his decisions and aligned myself to it. It needed a hard way for me learn that it is not the end of the world. He kind of enjoyed my support but failed to support when I was in a need to get some. If I was self-reliant then the situation might not have arisen. I felt like stabbed right at the chest and the words of Shakespeare “et tu brute” was lingering on my mind for so long. It was my mom who explained me that it is the human nature of survival mechanism and it won’t think twice to save itself from any crisis. So then it took me for a while to understand that don’t rely on one person heavily. Then came my college life there also a similar kind of thing happened.

I was so credulous and gullible that I once again relied on my friend. It was the same old story and I am back to square one. I thought that I have learnt a lesson from my previous experience but my life taught me that I haven’t. So the journey went on as expected but this time the result wasn’t toxic like the previous experience. This time I have to give the credits to my mother who identified the bug earlier and tried to fix it. My mom kept on advising me that I had to design my own path not to follow the path of others. I was unable to understand that at that time. So one day my mom wanted to go to Madurai and I was on my way to Bangalore from Chennai. She compelled me to come to Madurai rather than Bangalore, when I was explaining that we both had different destinations. She replied that are you sure that my destination is different? And I replied that yes it is even if the destination is different, and then I can choose my vehicle of my own. She said you are giving the right answers but are you following the same? This hit me hard that for the whole time I have been following the instructions of the others and was being a voodoo doll of another person. I was never a person I wanted to be, nor did I have the vision to think of myself. This event changed my perspective for everything I saw. Then I started defying with the views of my friend because when I asked the same question to myself I got different answer which I never said before. I have to thank my mom in this occasion to let me know that I can think of my own. I also wish to thank to give this opportunity.

Change your experience Quikr


Indian mindset is always like that what we can change often. We cannot bear the sight of same thing for a long time even then we will like to continue to retain the same products we have due to the money constraints. The money is the biggest constraints our people facing all over the time. We are more money conscious than that of time conscious. We have our own way of dealing with money. We even brag about our mission to mars and mission to moon named Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan respectively based on the mileage. That is the cost spent per kilometer travel for these mission is much lesser than that of the cost of an auto rickshaw. This entire concept of cost consciousness is ingrained in the genes of every Indian and that is why repurchase and resell is the best thing that can ever happen to quench the fancies of a common Indian. To a middle class Indian buying a car itself is a big dream but once he bought a car he has to settle with that for a lifetime to him buying the car is like a marriage. Once you bought you have to deal with it for the whole life.

Now as the times are changing his financials might not have changed but obviously his innovative ideas have been changed over time. This time the reselling has not just restricted to books and small items but it is much more than that, buy and sell a car of different model with authenticity is a huge chance for middleclass people to enjoy the variety of experience. As I have a Maruti 800 which is one of the oldest cars and not considered as a car one would buy by the marketeers so many have stopped selling it at a greater rate. But it is a car an entry level person would buy which might not bite his hand and also serve him the purpose of locomotion. So I put an ad in Quikr NXT which allows me to post the condition of the car along with the photos, so that the people who are interested in buying a Maruti 800 will be checking for this. There are still a lot of people who want to start their travel with the lowest possible rate. This allows me to contact the person or the person to contact me in the safest possible way, so that I can judge whether the person is genuine to buy the product. At the end of the day I wish to sell my Maruti 800 to get a Suzuki Swift which serves my purpose and at the same time it can help me in getting a new experience of driving. Swift also being a small car and it has a beautiful ergonomics which satisfies my need. For a new swift I cannot afford to pay a big loan rather by buying in WWW.Quikr.COM I can get what I want in an affordable price with my selling cost covers nearly half of the cost.

Chat over Call


Quikr , No Fikar Chat Quikr is the new tag line for the QUIKR Nxt. Quikr which has the tag line No Fikar, Bech Quikr comes with an innovative idea of introducing the Chat function among the users. It was always a concern among the users to give their phone numbers. It was easily used for other purposes and privacy was a big concern. Quikr has addressed this issue in a very beautiful way so that not only it addresses the issue but also opening doors for new customers who wants to sell but worry about their privacy. The below post I wish to convey that why a Chat is far better than a Call.

Considering myself in the scenario of selling something in Quikr, I would prefer to know the initial interest of the person towards the item which I am wish to sell. If it is a chat not only I can have time to assess the buyer but also I have the opportunity to think well. I will be having the ultimate convenience in the conversation. I might be in a meeting, or I might be in a place there might be no signal. In this case the conversation will be a distorted and not a proper communication will take place. There will be no point in communicating then, if it is a mobile app or a desktop app to communicate, then I can reply at a small convenient time I get in the midst of running an errand.

If I am selling something I would want it to sell at my convenience and chat gives me the convenience. The primary aim of quikr is help you sell your things at your uttermost possible convenience. If the process hindering at some stage then bringing in some process that should upheld the experience and the protocol. By introducing Chat in the Quikr without disclosing Phone numbers it will be great for a user like me who often checks the mobile and reply with quick texts makes it easier to communicate. The user can also don’t want to give away one’s own time to get a product but just allocate a few minutes in the midst of the usual time to make the deal. It will result in ultra-safe and ultra-convenient process. This totally enhances the process of selling through quikr. I would gladly message to a stranger rather than talking to them in person. When I can interact through chat then I can surely say whether to make a deal or not.

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