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Happy Women’s day

Every day is women’s day, we don’t need a special day to celebrate women. You might come across this line today in your social feed or the usual women are so and so and the deity-ification of women posts. It is quite inevitable to avoid the extremes on days like these. On this day I… Continue reading Happy Women’s day

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Philip Seymour Hoffman – In memory of a true artist

Yesterday night my friend messaged me that Hoffman is no more. My first reply was Dustin or Philip even though we both knew that I mention Philip Seymour Hoffman alone as Hoffman and he’s the only Hoffman I talk about. Sadly the reply stated its Philip, still unwilling to believe I asked him are you… Continue reading Philip Seymour Hoffman – In memory of a true artist

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UpStream Colour – Beauty of Science

I promised my friend Ravi that I would write my view on the movie UpStream Colour two weeks before and so I am writing it. I had to thank him for making write this review although I tried for a very long time to write something about the movie. Before I go into the movie… Continue reading UpStream Colour – Beauty of Science