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Psyche of Product Placements

Recently I had a fateful day of watching a movie called Happy New Year. After going through hell for 3 longest hours of my life, it rekindled my idea to write a post about the concept of product placement in movies. Of course Nokia, the dead brand of Smartphones in India has been placed, stuffed,… Continue reading Psyche of Product Placements

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Race Race against the dying of the light

"Race, Race against the dying of the light"This rephrasing of the Dylan Thomas poem essentially says that as a manager one has to keep in pace with the technology that is travelling at the speed of the light. For instance, take the entertainment industry. One can easily witness the improvement in technology over the years… Continue reading Race Race against the dying of the light

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Meagaman – A Hollywood Action movie

The title Meagaman itself was unique and curious to make me watch. The title Meagaman means Stirrer of the ship/ Sailor/ Captain of the ship. The movie was directed by Magilzh Thirumeni, the man who directed Thadayara Thaakka. He is very clear from the victory of his previous movie that what is expected from him. … Continue reading Meagaman – A Hollywood Action movie

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KATHTHI – Sharp and Blunt

By now everybody have finished trolling the movie kaththi, its communism and the great intelligence of the director. This movie although featuring usual horrible first half and interesting second half made lured audience and few critics too. I am not going to talk about the loopholes in the movie or suggest better way of screenplay… Continue reading KATHTHI – Sharp and Blunt

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Philip Seymour Hoffman – In memory of a true artist

Yesterday night my friend messaged me that Hoffman is no more. My first reply was Dustin or Philip even though we both knew that I mention Philip Seymour Hoffman alone as Hoffman and he’s the only Hoffman I talk about. Sadly the reply stated its Philip, still unwilling to believe I asked him are you… Continue reading Philip Seymour Hoffman – In memory of a true artist

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UpStream Colour – Beauty of Science

I promised my friend Ravi that I would write my view on the movie UpStream Colour two weeks before and so I am writing it. I had to thank him for making write this review although I tried for a very long time to write something about the movie. Before I go into the movie… Continue reading UpStream Colour – Beauty of Science

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Sherlock Season 3 – Let the East wind Come

Two years (around July 2011) ago I was introduced to a TV series called SHERLOCK by a famous Tamil blogger Karundhel. Till that I haven’t explored the TV series at all but the article made me watch it, after that I totally loved the series. Another reason to watch the series was only three episodes… Continue reading Sherlock Season 3 – Let the East wind Come