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ClickBait – An Exploited Sword

Click bait - If you have come across this term then you must be a digital marketer or you own a blog. If you are neither, then let me give you a short introduction about the same. Click bait is the titles of the articles which intrigues you to check out the content. Some of… Continue reading ClickBait – An Exploited Sword

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Karma – Existent or Non Existent?

Practices are something that always intrigued me. Be it religious practices or disciplinary practices. I wrote a blog on the differences between discipline and abuse in my previous blog post. As usual in the process of promoting my blog post, stumbled upon a conversation with a fellow blogger friend Vidya, about the origin of the… Continue reading Karma – Existent or Non Existent?

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Discipline vs Abuse – Perspective of an observer

Discipline is a fascinating word which is used by a majority with a sense of pride. The word discipline fascinated and simultaneously disturbed me. So I was experimenting with Intermittent Fasting popularly known as IF diet. The methodology says that you fast for 16 hours a day and eat your food within 8 hours time… Continue reading Discipline vs Abuse – Perspective of an observer

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Happy Teachers Day – A Rant of a former kid

September 5th is celebrated as the teacher’s day on the account of the birthday of one of the most famous academicians of the country S Radhakrishnan. Let us not delve too much into the details of that and stamp a token in my face along with the already stamped few. So, this is the day… Continue reading Happy Teachers Day – A Rant of a former kid

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What makes Human a Human

What makes human a human is the question that pondered my mind for a long time. A friend of mine after reading the Sapiens, recommended by various great personalities told that Fiction is one factor that makes Homo Sapiens unique from the rest of the species. Being an idiot who takes aeons to complete a… Continue reading What makes Human a Human

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Management Fest – First Experience

As I promised earlier in my post that from now on my posts will me more related to the management, this will be the first post satisfying the promise. Few weeks back I attended my first ever management fest at SASTRA University. The title of the fest was PROGYAN ’14. I along with seven other… Continue reading Management Fest – First Experience