The Apollo Experience

So last week I got a chance to get a health checkup done in Apollo Hospitals Chennai. Yes, Just like everybody I was also keen to see the place especially after a lot of recent events. Yes, I got a chance to see their facilities and got a basic general checkup done. I should say that I am pretty much impressed by their service.

The tests ranged from the blood tests, X-ray, Physical examination and so on. I was able to see the cutting edge technologies available to take care of the patients. Rather than saying a lot about the tests and technological excellence available I would rather wish to speak about the people there. The human resource there actually is the differentiator.

All the doctors and staff members whom I have interacted are very much considerate. One important thing we all expect today is that the doctors should listen to us. I happen to interact with Dr. Mohammed Sharouk Khader, who started off the conversation by asking about me and at the same time he didn’t deviate entirely from the key information to be gathered. Having this considerate feeling towards patients is rather important especially in gaining trust. He happened to check my Blood Pressure, so think of the case when you are nervous at that time and so your BP peaks up which is not an obviously right way to measure things. So making you comfortable is an important job.

Secondly, the operation of various sections of the hospital is near perfect. So in any of the services, we might approach them without any idea and we would love to have a better transparency in the process. This is the one key thing I had a doubt but they are pretty organised in this which lead me to believe that they know what they are doing.

Also, I had an opportunity to meet the COO Mr. Subbiah. In a brief conversation with him came to know much about the quality standards they are maintaining at the centre and the benchmark they have in all the services. It was good to see an uncompromised service quality in my city. Then I came to know that this particular centre is awarded the best hospital in India consecutively for more than a decade. After listening to a lot of it, I asked him why don’t he publicise the achievements of the hospital to gain more reputation, his answer was we leave it to the customer to figure our worth. We believe in word of mouth goodwill rather than the self-proclaimed good will. Their attitude towards the advertisements is good and I am quite fascinated by their ideology and aim.


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