Daily Prompt – Center

So Today the prompt word is center. Although I wanted to write it as a centre and a friend of mine wrote the entire post surrounding the same, I go for another subject altogether.

Center is always the favourite position to each and every human being. Being right at the center to be the center of attraction is always an intriguing one. But I would like to give you some suggestions on why you shouldn’t be at the center. If you are not at the center, you won’t be having people look at you every time. You can do whatever you like, rather if you are at the center then your activities will be guided by the sources surrounding you. You might be the powerful centre but for sure you can’t control your movements. You will be the tightly knitted nucleus but rather the electrons surrounding you will be enjoying freely. People might say that you are indeed positively charged whereas the free roaming electrons are filled with negativity but your will suffer my dear. And the damages caused by those free roamers are comparatively manageable than the explosion caused by you. So I would suggest you not to be at the center.


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