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A Wannabe glitter’s story

Glitter attracts the crowd, so it is natural for everyone to get drawn towards the glittery one than of a subtle one. So here is a short story of a pencil that wanted to a glitter. The pencil wanted to become glitter but it felt that it is too tough to withstand the process to become a glitter. So it thought for a long time of how to become a glitter without going through the tedious process. So finally it felt that it can become a glitter once if it joined the place where all the glitters are. It may not have to be glitter, as it belongs to that place the people around will accept it as a glitter too.

Yes, now the pencil which unable to undergo the severe process somehow joined the stock where all the glitters are. The glitters already know that it’s not one among them but the aim of the pencil is to make the world believe it is a glitter. Yes, the whole world believed the pencil to be a glitter despite it not being a glitter.

This blog is my response to “The Daily Post”s prompt Glitter


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