Howdy all,

Its been a long time I am posting in this space. Today I wish to share about the app which helps me in downloading the contents from torrents in a better way and faster way. The app i am talking about is the site . The operation in this site is that if you paste the magnetic link of the torrents in the site then automatically it captures the torrent in the cloud space provided to you. from there you can download the files either through browser or through an external downloader such as IDM which considerably increases the speed. So this is rather a better way to download torrents if your uTorrent is not optimized.

This post might look like an advertisement but I am sharing this because it will be useful to many people who are actually looking to download large files through torrents and taking days and weeks to complete it. And the best part is it’s free till 2 GB for extra space you can pay a premium.