There always comes time when we will be in a situation to buy a gift for a person close to us. The toughest thing ever in the world is gifting them something that has to precede the previous gift or gifting them something that lasts longer than anything. As a basic definition of the gift, the gift should resemble the love for person and also should show the moment or the day. Recently I came across a unique gifting concept in Facebook. The gift is gifting Indian currency note with the serial number signifying the date coordinates we want. The gifting is named Anmol Uphar. I have uploaded few sample pictures of the currency in here.

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A situation came for me where I have to suggest my friend a gift for celebrating his first anniversary of the marriage. He nearly bought anything I was thinking as a potential gift already. To my feeble knowledge there is not much idea left for an exciting gift. That was exactly the time I came across this gifting. So I suggested him which was the day he proposed to his wife and asked him to buy the entire of notes from 1 – 1000.

I suggested to write a poem defining each note to that of the set with what he wish to buy from that but instead gave it as a gift to you because of the date. She must be impressed with the lines he allotted for each rupee. As it is a public forum I cannot disclose the romantic lines of him for two reasons. First being the intimacy and second being the line being written by him for his soulmate and it won’t be good to share in public forum.

If you wish to gift the same then you can check out their website http://www.anmoluphar.com or you can get in touch through their official facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/anmoluphar. They also have an instagram presence at the user name anmoluphar. I have also added a picture of complete set for a particular date.

kamal & neeti garg

Pricing is pretty simple:

  • single currency till 100: Rs.1500
  • 1-1000 entire set: Rs.11000/-

They are also open for corporate orders. To order please do contact them at anmoluphar@gmail.com or simply reach them at 9899152321 any time. .