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Honey Diet to tone yourself

A healthy balanced diet is not just an activity to flaunt your weight loss but it is an essential activity to flaunt your healthy life. My body condition unique that I had to constantly exercise in order to keep my weight checked. Especially I was practicing karate and in order to enter a tournament I need to maintain the same weight throughout the year. It was damn tough especially if you exercise a lot it burn a lot calories in turn you obviously take a huge chunk of food. This as a result increases the weight. So if you are exercising then you should be conscious of your diet.

Honey was the savior at that time. I was told to reduce the sweet content in my food but I am being a sweet fanatic was unable to control my mouth. I stopped many fat items but still sweets were the one thing especially coffee and tea, those items never existed without sugar for me. It was crucial time where I had to maintain my weight without even losing 200 grams. Even a 100 gram increase in weight would lead to disqualification from the tournament, they had strict rules of candidates. From that day by a friend’s advice I came across the Honey diet.

Honey diet made me feel that I am not actually dieting but rather changing the food’s nutritional value to greater good. In fact the taste was very good with honey rather than of the sugar. For the three months the honey diet helped me in achieving the weight control. But more than that I felt a kind of refreshed after the tenure and I saw it as a healthy eating habit. Right from that day I use honey whenever possible rather than sugar.

If you are an experimenter then you can try a lot of dishes with honey. You can check a lot about the honey diet in the here you can also see a lot recipes suggested by Chef Vikas Khanna. And part from the tastier and variety of dishes you can see the nutritional value of the dishes with honey in the other sections. I would like to share my simple method of bringing honey diet. I changed my morning coffee with the lemon tea, making of lemon tea is simple all you have to do is few drops of lemon, one and half spoon of honey and few leaves of tulsi. Add these to the hot water and you will get a nice lemon tea. The lemon tea removed not only a bit sugar but also a good amount of milk and coffee from my life. This resulted in a toned body for a while. I would really suggest you to start your honey diet with the lemon tea that is more delicious than any other tea and it is more refreshing than any other tea. It brings not only nutritious food in to your body but also some good taste so you won’t feel bad for that.


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