Maa ke saath Buddy moment

Kellog’s Chocos has come up with the campaign of promoting the concept of buddy parenting. They have come up with the term khuljayiye bachpan, which translates as open the kid in you. In this post I would like to share my unfettered pal with my mother.

It was around my third grade, I was very much coward. But Jackie Chan amazed me and I wanted to learn Karate. When I told this to my mom she agreed like anything. I asked for singing class, dance class and music class and never crossed a week. I always had a loads of reason to reject each of the art at that age. Even I had no idea that I will continue the martial arts. First week crossed and I as usual cried of pain and gave a rational explanation at that age to my mother that it is causing more pain, and I am unable to work later on and the reasons went that way. My mom readily agreed and also gave me a lot of advice where she had her own way of telling me the continue.

She told that let me stop but if I stop the first week itself then people will say bad about me and people won’t understand the leg and arm pains so just go for one belt grading examination then after that you can take your leave. As she said I had the thought that this will be my last days in martial arts so why to think about the pain and I went with full energy and for the rest of 6 weeks the pain didn’t irked me. On the day of my grading my mood was not so good, my Sensei had frightened me with the strict grading to flaunt the standards of their Do-jo but he have no clue about my mother struggling hard to make me go to an art without backing.

I was totally out of my mind on the grading day and told my mother that as anyway I am going to stop why can’t I stop before grading. She said she will ask few things to me if I answer correctly I can withdraw from the belt examination. First thing she asked was do I want to Jackie or not? If I don’t want to be then no problem at all, I can withdraw from the grading. She told jackie always strike back even after getting a lots of hits because Jackie can do it, so if I want to be Jackie I can also do it right? I was half minded and she told let this grading exam decide whether you can be Jackie or not, if you failed lets just leave Karate and say it is not our cup of tea, if you passed then you can become Jackie. I found the deal to be more of straight answer and I went ahead to the grading examination and got the best performer award for the same. The first win was not expected but my mom made me go not by forcing or deceiving but just asked if I am doing what I want to do. Now I am a International Gold medalist and national medalist in Karate and TaeKwondo respectively. This all happened because of the buddy moment with my mom at my first belt grading examination. To know more about Kellog’s chocos visit their facebook page at


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