UC Browser the name says it is EC

When it comes to cricket match, staying glued to the seat with a stick between the lids to keep the eyes wide awake is not enough to watch the match. You need more than that to watch and enjoy the attention to details. We emphasize on the attention to detail so much when it comes to cricket even Steve Jobs will be amazed of the attention to the details of a normal Indian citizen. This was all the way to watch the match until I entered my post graduation course in management. Once entered the college has only one small tv in a room where only a handful of people can sit. Apart from that we have lots and lots of net restrictions so that we cannot use our laptops to check the scores.

So now we have mobile phones and internet facilities to check the scores live but for a student like me who have data restrictions an app that is fast, consumes less data and informs the score instantly is necessary. Uc browser is an guardian angel to any net users who uses 2G internet package. UC Browser can be downloaded at the great thing about this is that you don’t have to install any apps that consumes a huge chunk of your minuscule data. Just download and install UC Browser and in that you can find the Cricket icon with a cricket ball. Just click it to get all the live score updates instantly. You can enable auto updates so that you don’t have to refresh every single time to check the scores. It is one rational app that provides its service irrespective of your platform, be it Android, Nokia symbian phones, iPhones, JAVA phones, Windows or even Blackberry.

With my college located in the midst of a thick forest where even getting a 2G signal is like finding an oasis in the midst of a desert, UC browser is the only way to understand the speed of the internet. Geeks like me who can’t fight with the crowd to see a glimpse of the game. This app is the greatest gift for Geeks like me who wants to save the data for cost cutting purposes, for the geeks like me who despite of all these shortcomings don’t want to miss a tiny moment of cricket for the love of game.

Whenever I use the facility of UC Cricket I personally feel the results are good. You can call it my lucky charm but still the app is so good that once you accustomed to it you will nor think of using any other data consuming app. UC browser is lite, fast and looks damn cool than any other app. I would suggest all my readers to check with the app from the link given above, once you started using you wont go for any other app.


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