My Airtel app

My Airtel App is the official mobile app which is available for Android in Google play store. As of now this is available with full features only for the Android users and soon will be available for the iPhone users. On using this what I found awe inspiring is that it is a collective service management app for all the services provided by the Airtel. Be it the recharge for the mobile or DTH or for the landline or for the broadband all I do in a single app in my phone. This actually made my job easy and keep tabs on all the occasions of the I have to take care for a month. To be more explorative I wish to point out three key features that actually suit my lifestyle to a T.

The first feature I wish to express is that getting alerts on the low balance, deadline for the bill and all the due date for the payments. Basically in the fast moving lifestyle of mine I regularly forget the bill payment or don’t keep tabs on how much I spend on the data. If the data pack is over and the data consumption is deduced from the main balance I have no clue. I am that much careless and some one like a mom has to do this job. My Airtel app does that perfectly. It reminds me when to recharge, be it low balance or the data consumption.

The second feature that suits me is Security of the payment. I do most of my payments electronically and that makes me hassle free and lets me keep no cash in my hand. I depend on the electronic money for each and everything but also I am afraid the money is accepted or not. Sometimes it might not reach the receiver and it will be still deduced from my account and this app helps me tracking my payment. Real time bill tracking is another big leap for the airtel app. This provides a great hand to the people who rely on electronic money to a greater extent.
The third and most important feature I love in the app is that the feature called Airtel Surprises. I may be a person working on a decent paying job but I am kid still in my heart and everybody are when it comes to surprises. Who wouldn’t love surprises? With every recharge an AirTel Surprise then imagine a guy who recharges his mobile, DTH and broadband. He will be drenched with surprises. That makes this outstanding from any other app. This i think is the key feature to my lifestyle of expecting surprises. I have to hand it to you guys, with just this surprise aspect you caught me whole. To explore more please to visit the link http://www.airtel.in/myairtel.


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