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My First Expert – Mera Maa

Beyond a reasonable doubt it is a fact that the mother is the first expert to any child. This fact holds true at all circumstances. To me her expertise helped me to travel in the road what I am traveling today. It was during the time when my twelfth grade results were announced and I have no clue on my further education. That was the first instant I was able to consciously glorify and able to understand her expertise in the education. She asked me whether I am interested in a course or college? As my marks were lower I have to satisfy myself with limited options available. I have partly decided that I wanted to do Engineering as a part of my herd thinking behavior. My mother didn’t actually opposed it but rather questioned me further on my choices. It is she who helped me understand that the preference has to be given to the course contents over the place. My first preference was college and relied on the brand name. At that time I firmly believed that the brand of the college will give me good placements but I had no idea about what kind of job I would like to do. I was trying to convince my mother about my opinion and she never really opposed and nodded to all my questions.

After getting the mark sheets from the college on the way home we both felt thirsty and I wanted to drink Pepsi. At the shop Pepsi was not available and I wanted to opt for Coca-Cola. I said that to my mom, but she replied that if Pepsi is not there why not go for 7UP or Mirinda rather than going for Coca-Cola? Isn’t that the brand you care about right not the flavor of the drink? I was shocked and it took me a while to understand the reference behind it. Then it took me a while to figure out the course to choose. She made me understand the importance of the content over the place. This solved my educational issue for the first time.

Then for the second time I faced the problem in my education. During my second year of engineering I developed my interest towards writing and movies. I straight up went to my mom asking that I want to switch my career as I am not interested in the way course is going. When few of my friends and relatives were scolding and compelled me to go in the same course. She didn’t compel me or said anything. She said if that’s what I wish then I can do what ever I like. But after a while she said that she is going to cook Cauli Flower fry for dinner and I was happy. It is one of my favorite dish. I was helping her in the process and all of a sudden when cleaning the cauliflower she smelled it and said it doesn’t taste good. So I too smelled and it was the usual smell of the cauliflower although it smelled bad I said once it is completed then it will smell good, you cannot judge the taste of the dish at the interim you can say once it is cooked. If you don’t like even after it is cooked then you can say that you don’t like the dish. On hearing that she was smiling at me and said the words, “when you can say the same, why not can I?” that was like a big blow in my head. That made me to complete my engineering and let me travel towards my passion of writing in a different stream.

Always mothers are the expert, whenever a child tries to outsmart her she will let the child to do so. That makes her smarter than any. She has a way to deal with all the children. My mother has a knack with simile and metaphors which cannot be replaced. When I look back to my childhood days I remember her subtlety in explaining the issues and solving the problems. In this opportunity I have to thank Indiblogger and Godrej Expert for giving an opportunity to write about my mom. To know more about the product Godrej Expert Rich Creme hair colour please do visit


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