Digital India

Digital India is the dream of the many people including the prime minister of India. The word e-Governance is the key to the success of the digitizing the country. Why there is a need to digitize and what are benefits we get. This is the question that will be lingering in the minds of many. Today as the world is moving faster it is essential to give the facilities they require in the available time. One might say that it might be impossible to bring that in the short term but more than impossible it is necessary to bring that.

As we consider the United States of America their strength is the e-governance they have made a quite a lot of changes through that. In a similar way Indian Government wish to do the same. Talking in terms of operations point of view, e-governance reduces the lead time and processing time. As the whole process will be computerized there will a fairly good chance for improving the numbers as many of them have no exposure about the government facilities due to the lack their online presence. Today be it a company or product or anything if it has no website or online presence then the reliability factor is reduced a bit. Today online presence and online strength is attributed to the reliability of the company or the product.

e-governance will be the smart way to bring in lot of people getting involved in governance. It is always more the merrier but governance not an attractive sector to everybody so it is essential to pull a strategy that not only helps in attracting people but also shows a substantial growth in some aspects. This aspect can only lead to the further development. Recently United States President Mr. Barack Obama came on to a comedy show in order to promote This went viral for a while. That incident increased the number of people enrolled in the healthcare policy.

Similar steps had to be taken to educate the government policies and processes takeover by e-governance. This initiative of #DigitalIndia along with is much more commendable. More than important it is necessary process to make change in the system so that the future generation need not suffer. In this process of digitizing the nation one has to be keen on taking careful steps. These steps define the future of the nation. The importance of digitizing the country is to provide ease of access and reach the necessaries to the needy. Digitizing reduces the gap and so the people get the benefits and access they require directly from the government so there won’t be any lost in translation. Reduction in the transmission loss not only improves the efficiency but also gives motivation to the people to reap the benefits.

This post was written for the Digital India campaign by Indiblogger and Intel


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