Hello Moto

Everything shift needs a start, the initial push is what matters to change one towards the other end. I was using the Nokia 2700 classic mobile for the past 4 years. That is my first mobile. I was a bit reluctant to enter into the world of smartphones. So I decided to start of my journey with the new moto E. Motorola as we know it for the innovation have done something amazing with this new phone targeting on the majority people like me, who are cost conscious and also cost efficient. With the new smartphone I would first check the experience in exploring all the apps. The reason for switching in to the smartphones is to explore the options and opportunities.

First of all the thing which attracted me in the smartphone is to synchronize the contacts with the Gmail contacts. You don’t have to worry about the lost contacts if you miss the SIM or the Phone, which is a sigh of relief for me. I was awestruck by the user interface of the moto e which stood unique as it was smooth. The transition was perfect and felt no lag as many of my friends felt while using other phones. This I came to know due to the high speed processer and RAM. These technical details may be a jargon for me but at the end of the day it helped me to improve the user experience.

Beyond all of that the thing which attracted me the most and the prime of the smart phone is email and document editing and viewing. Although being an avid I always felt a bit of discomfort in reading while traveling. Sometimes in the train travel while lying in the sleeper coach I find it uncomfortable to read and luckily moto e solved the problem. With the apps such as moon reader one can easily carry a 100 books in one’s pocket easily on the go. Then the emails which is find is very hard to type in my Nokia phones come at ease in the Moto E. Especially the keyboard provided by the google is awesome. The gesture support facility makes the email typing and texting an easy experience. This took a while for me to adjust but it actually paid me well.

Apart from the smart phone being a companion in my professional life it also gives me the apps to blog and edit it through mobile itself. Now I don’t have to search for the internet facility so that the documents I typed in the system to be transferred into the blog. with the preloaded document viewer and editor named Quick office I had a wonderful time typing a blog in the word document and uploaded it in wordpress app for android.

Android must be congratulated for bringing a holistic view to the usage pf mobile phones. The Motorola took one step ahead and made it available for the economic users like me to experience the great product. The smartphones fascinated me but Moto E my first phone amazed me. If you too want to check out more about the new moto E you can check it in


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