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Happiness is not brought by achieving great things but the simple things that brings the smile in the face. Just like Gandalf the grey says, “Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I’ve found it is the small things; everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay… simple acts of kindness, and love.” When I achieved big things like world championship in Karate I felt good but that doesn’t bring any happiness in my heart. Yes it is the small things that keeps the evil at bay and brings the happiness and joy in our face. The same incidence where I won the international championship, post-match I was roaming on the streets of Gampola in Sri Lanka. I am unable to find one shop at that day to get some glucose water, I was exhausted. I came to know that there was some sort of holiday and no shops will be open that day. I roaming like anything to see some glimpse of a cool drink at that time a small kid in a karate uniform came and offered me a glucose drink. I without even questioning anything I gulped the whole bottle and saw the smile in the face of the kid. After I drank only I came in to my senses and thought how this kid knew that I am searching for glucose water and why he offered me.

I stopped the kid and thanked for the offering of glucose water. I asked him what is his name and what is he doing. He was telling excitedly. Then I was holding my curiosity to ask the question then one fine point I asked him why he gave me glucose drink and how he knew that I need glucose. He was telling that he enjoys the karate fights and he usually notices that there will be a supporting person in the corner of the match every time to offer glucose to fight better and he noticed my match and saw that no one is there to offer me a drink at the match break and he asked his brother after the match whether he can offer the drink to me or not. His brother happily agreed and gave a fresh bottle which is kind of precious to offer to me. I said to him that you and your brother are two great people without even understanding that whether the kid can understand what I said or not. The kid instantly replied yes, my brother is great because he fought against you. The kid also told that people around him are saying that if his brother didn’t fall for three minutes then he is a great player.

Then I realized that the kid is the brother of my opponent in the finalist. His big heart led to this happiness. All of that was exaggeration about my fight. I am not a giant or a dragon slayer. In fact the person who fought against me was more experienced, I won the match just by a slight margin which might have favored him if the time is reduced or extended. Still those big hearts gave me more joy than the championship itself. From then on I started greeting my opponents at the end of match. I just want to be at least 50% of what he was.

This post is for the coke international day of happiness campaign You can check more at the given url.


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