Need of a Friend

Just like Spock says to Kirk in two or more Star Trek Movies, “I have been and always will be your friend”. Every time it is said by Leonard Nimoy only for some reason. Let us keep the jokes apart. It is similar that always a friend gives us this situation somehow. We would have no other choice but to give our better than best to save our friend. When Spock says this to Kirk he saves the life of the captain by sacrificing himself. Like Spock in real life my friend Gokul always says that the needs of a friend outweigh the need of the self. I always wondered that is not logically possible because some situation comes when we outweigh our needs over our friend’s need and can still be reasonable.

One such situation came to me. As the readers might have known by now that I am a Karate Player and at school tenure Martial Arts was my primordial activity. I was performing quite well within my limit and tried my best to give the worth for every penny spent by my parents. At the year 2003 I was selected to participate in the international championship at Sri Lanka. I was one among the two who was chosen to represent the country in the invited championship. The competition was conducted among the close invitees from the countries of India, Sri Lanka (Host), Pakistan and few Asian countries. It was considered as a pride to represent the nation.

The saddest part at that time was I had differences with my coach regarding the participation of the match and my fighting style. He had logical reason to support his side and so do I. The association provided me a coach for the short tenure to keep myself fit to play the game. I found it a bit difficult to mingle with the new coach. The deadline is nearing and my ego didn’t let me to go my coach.

My friend who knew me more than what I know about myself. He came to me as a god sent rescuer. He trained me rigorously for one whole week. He cancelled all his classes which I am not aware of. I kept my passport in my house and I was shivering like anything. I had no other phone number memorized than that of his and I called to his home. At that time mobile phone was not available and when I called to his home the reply was he is not at home. In my house there is no landline facility. I thought that I had lost the golden opportunity just because of my careless attitude and I was blaming myself. I had only 35 minutes to enter into the airport and within ten minutes when I decided to go back I heard the voice of my friend screaming in the airport waving his hands with my passport. I was feeling like he is the god. He saved the day, all went well. What I failed to see is that he missed a couple of exams which he prepared for the whole year and the sole reason for that is me. One exam is because of the training and the other crucial one because he came to my home to check with my parents and noticed my passport in there.

If he didn’t give me the passport he would’ve cracked the exam and might enter into elite student’s list but instead he gave up a year’s work just to prevent the disappointment of a friend. This gave me the thought which I was mentioning in the beginning of the post. Truly friends are the sole pillars of life and they cannot be replaced. They are the house which gives you protection. This post is for the https://housing.com/ which provides the protection called house through a friendly manner. Check out the site to know more.


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