A Leap of faith

The famous American astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered the quote the, “One step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. These might not be relevant to all at that time but now I am able to understand the importance of that quote. Every step towards the success starts with a small step but it is the giant leap. Just like the sermon says you need to take a leap of faith in order to attain the Holy Grail. Not only these another example is the bold move of Bilbo Baggins to sign the journey along with dwarfs which is just a small step for every one of us but as far as a hobbit is concerned he moved out of his world. It was a bold move. All the above examples clearly states that you need to push yourself one step ahead and that one small step matters the most.

For me I am not old enough to talk about this much bold move but what I can talk about is the bold move by my mother. We are just a middle class family looking for the monthly salary from the government. As the salary satisfied the needs in the rented house no one had the thought of buying a new house. But my mother thought that this cannot be the same till the end of the life. A house is an important thing and owning a house in the future will secure your shelter and we don’t have to rely on others for a very long time. This thought was not much encouraged by any relatives but my father was on my mother’s side all the time. Although he found it uninteresting he still gave hope to the thoughts of my mother. When we heard that the house my mother once lived in our native is up for sale she immediately wanted to buy it. The opposition came in all ways possible right from the neighbors to the relatives.

They strongly felt that the house at native has no value. If we are planning to buy a house then we must buy at a bigger city. Even the rent at that place is very much lower and it is much away from any big cities. But my mother was determined to buy that house even when we had no money or savings in our hand at that time. It was the firsts for many things. First time my father applied for the loan which gave us only 20% of the buying amount, then my mother sold all her jewelry which along with the loan amount covered only 60% of the cost of the house. All we did is paid the advance amount to the owner. He was kind enough to wait until we pay the rest of the amount and waited for it more than 6 months which is impossible now days. For around 6 months we underwent lean in our house and cost cutting hit the maximum and we somehow managed to pay the full amount. The beauty here is that the amount needed to pay for the house is just 3.5 lakhs which is nearly impossible at that time. Now the price for the house is 20 lakhs and nobody ever thought that the house in my native will hit that range. That move was a leap for our family because if we failed to buy that house I wouldn’t have gone into college at all. Yes, the house is now funding my college tuition fee through loan from the bank. That moment was a moment of pride for my mother. As a son I felt more than just happy to see my mother’s vision. Those six months of struggle never even came near to the joy we had after owning that house. It was a #StartANewLife moment for us. We didn’t have the opportunity of accessing the websites such as which could’ve improved the chance of buying a better a house at that time.


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