Moment of Clarity

As of now I am doing my post graduate in Management in Thiagarajar School of management. This is a proud moment for me but if I look back for a year and a half my life was fulfilled with nothing. I was broken and had no hope, no direction to travel. My CAT preparations were going nowhere. I was thinking all to myself that what I was doing. The biggest question of my life was standing in front me and staring at my face. I started preparing for the competitive exams very late and not much sure of what I am going to do further. I enquired a lot of people about what I can do and what the scope of various areas is. I never took a breath to think what I like to do for the rest of my life. Self-esteem was very low, I lost confidence that I can compete towards anything. I had felt that I lost to compete with the rest of the world. Then all of a sudden I came across the book, “Surely, you’re joking Mr. Feynman”. The book was about the life of the greatest physics professor prof. Richard P Feynman. It started off as a normal biography then it turned out that it is one of the greatest moments of enlightenment.

The book started with the childhood story of a kid who is from Far Rockway is no way near to the most developed United States of America. The kid had the thirst to understand things and the kid started off with the Radio he had to all the electronics he can get his hands on. This was a great story of motivation to all the kids who are from the humble background. He got into Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He got there and from there he went to Caltech, then was in Cornell. Everything happened because of his love for the subject. I never thought I will get my lesson of life from a physicist. That moment I started my preparation with a reason to extent to achieve something. I may not achieve something but at the end of the day I will surely have a good sleep that I have tried something towards my goal. I was so much happy reading the book that even scientist can have fun, can be a playboy and after all that win Nobel Prize. You can be whatever you want with whatever you have.

In the words of some anonymous I would like to say that as a moment of clarity. That book opened my eyes and it brought some vision to my life. I never thought at that moment that I would clear my CAT and MAT. I cleared my exams and got a scholarship which made me to push my boundaries. Whenever I read some passage from the book it gives me motivation to push the boundary. It is the love of science to understand the world helped him to push the boundaries and the same holds to me. To me it is the love to understand the people is helping to push the boundaries.

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