Meri Maa

I am writing this post for the contest by HDFC named Apno ko Apne Dum pe Jeena Sikho. Here I wish to say a few incidents in which my mother had helped me to be more self -reliant than that of anything. To start off right from my school days I was more reliant on my best friend whose name I don’t want to mention in here. I was so reliant on him that I use to agree whatever he says, it started as a mutual interest but later due to that I relied in his decisions and aligned myself to it. It needed a hard way for me learn that it is not the end of the world. He kind of enjoyed my support but failed to support when I was in a need to get some. If I was self-reliant then the situation might not have arisen. I felt like stabbed right at the chest and the words of Shakespeare “et tu brute” was lingering on my mind for so long. It was my mom who explained me that it is the human nature of survival mechanism and it won’t think twice to save itself from any crisis. So then it took me for a while to understand that don’t rely on one person heavily. Then came my college life there also a similar kind of thing happened.

I was so credulous and gullible that I once again relied on my friend. It was the same old story and I am back to square one. I thought that I have learnt a lesson from my previous experience but my life taught me that I haven’t. So the journey went on as expected but this time the result wasn’t toxic like the previous experience. This time I have to give the credits to my mother who identified the bug earlier and tried to fix it. My mom kept on advising me that I had to design my own path not to follow the path of others. I was unable to understand that at that time. So one day my mom wanted to go to Madurai and I was on my way to Bangalore from Chennai. She compelled me to come to Madurai rather than Bangalore, when I was explaining that we both had different destinations. She replied that are you sure that my destination is different? And I replied that yes it is even if the destination is different, and then I can choose my vehicle of my own. She said you are giving the right answers but are you following the same? This hit me hard that for the whole time I have been following the instructions of the others and was being a voodoo doll of another person. I was never a person I wanted to be, nor did I have the vision to think of myself. This event changed my perspective for everything I saw. Then I started defying with the views of my friend because when I asked the same question to myself I got different answer which I never said before. I have to thank my mom in this occasion to let me know that I can think of my own. I also wish to thank to give this opportunity.


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