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Change your experience Quikr

Indian mindset is always like that what we can change often. We cannot bear the sight of same thing for a long time even then we will like to continue to retain the same products we have due to the money constraints. The money is the biggest constraints our people facing all over the time. We are more money conscious than that of time conscious. We have our own way of dealing with money. We even brag about our mission to mars and mission to moon named Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan respectively based on the mileage. That is the cost spent per kilometer travel for these mission is much lesser than that of the cost of an auto rickshaw. This entire concept of cost consciousness is ingrained in the genes of every Indian and that is why repurchase and resell is the best thing that can ever happen to quench the fancies of a common Indian. To a middle class Indian buying a car itself is a big dream but once he bought a car he has to settle with that for a lifetime to him buying the car is like a marriage. Once you bought you have to deal with it for the whole life.

Now as the times are changing his financials might not have changed but obviously his innovative ideas have been changed over time. This time the reselling has not just restricted to books and small items but it is much more than that, buy and sell a car of different model with authenticity is a huge chance for middleclass people to enjoy the variety of experience. As I have a Maruti 800 which is one of the oldest cars and not considered as a car one would buy by the marketeers so many have stopped selling it at a greater rate. But it is a car an entry level person would buy which might not bite his hand and also serve him the purpose of locomotion. So I put an ad in Quikr NXT which allows me to post the condition of the car along with the photos, so that the people who are interested in buying a Maruti 800 will be checking for this. There are still a lot of people who want to start their travel with the lowest possible rate. This allows me to contact the person or the person to contact me in the safest possible way, so that I can judge whether the person is genuine to buy the product. At the end of the day I wish to sell my Maruti 800 to get a Suzuki Swift which serves my purpose and at the same time it can help me in getting a new experience of driving. Swift also being a small car and it has a beautiful ergonomics which satisfies my need. For a new swift I cannot afford to pay a big loan rather by buying in WWW.Quikr.COM I can get what I want in an affordable price with my selling cost covers nearly half of the cost.


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