Chat over Call

Quikr , No Fikar Chat Quikr is the new tag line for the QUIKR Nxt. Quikr which has the tag line No Fikar, Bech Quikr comes with an innovative idea of introducing the Chat function among the users. It was always a concern among the users to give their phone numbers. It was easily used for other purposes and privacy was a big concern. Quikr has addressed this issue in a very beautiful way so that not only it addresses the issue but also opening doors for new customers who wants to sell but worry about their privacy. The below post I wish to convey that why a Chat is far better than a Call.

Considering myself in the scenario of selling something in Quikr, I would prefer to know the initial interest of the person towards the item which I am wish to sell. If it is a chat not only I can have time to assess the buyer but also I have the opportunity to think well. I will be having the ultimate convenience in the conversation. I might be in a meeting, or I might be in a place there might be no signal. In this case the conversation will be a distorted and not a proper communication will take place. There will be no point in communicating then, if it is a mobile app or a desktop app to communicate, then I can reply at a small convenient time I get in the midst of running an errand.

If I am selling something I would want it to sell at my convenience and chat gives me the convenience. The primary aim of quikr is help you sell your things at your uttermost possible convenience. If the process hindering at some stage then bringing in some process that should upheld the experience and the protocol. By introducing Chat in the Quikr without disclosing Phone numbers it will be great for a user like me who often checks the mobile and reply with quick texts makes it easier to communicate. The user can also don’t want to give away one’s own time to get a product but just allocate a few minutes in the midst of the usual time to make the deal. It will result in ultra-safe and ultra-convenient process. This totally enhances the process of selling through quikr. I would gladly message to a stranger rather than talking to them in person. When I can interact through chat then I can surely say whether to make a deal or not.

You can check more about the sale in their website


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