Truth : The only way

We all tend to live the moment and that’s a good thing. It turns bad when we try to live the moment alone without having a vision for the future. Lying is one such activity which helps you living the moment, it is a wonderful tool of escapism that gives you temporary relief. In hindsight we see that the small lie that pretend to save the moment gave you sigh of relief is the very reason to the biggest crisis you might face in the future. Lies are best explained by the chaos theory, it says that a hurricane in china is caused by the flapping of a butterfly wings in New Mexico. The same way a small lie at a time causes hurricane in your life at later stage.

When I was doing my second year under graduation the movie called inception was released. Being an ardent Christopher Nolan fan I don’t want to miss the opening show for the movie. Sadly I had my semester exam on that day which clearly stated that I am going to miss the movie. I am not brave enough nor was my priority over the love for Nolan risking my career. This is the place where actually the game started, I got preview tickets for the movie the day before itself and it is night show. I told my parents that I will go to study with my friend for the next day exam, mostly my parents never allow me to stay overnight in my friend’s house surprisingly allowed me that day. I planned that I will watch the movie and stay at my friend’s home and come back next morning. If we are not tired check a little bit for the next day’s exam.

Everything went according to the plan and we started to the movie, but I felt like cheating my parents who have invested so much in me. I then went home and told that I am planning to go the movie and later study for the exam. Can I go? To my surprise they were happily agreed and let me go for the movie. I never expected it to happen as my parents not even allowed staying overnight to study but they allowed me to go for a movie. I happily enjoyed the movie and without any guilt I came home. Within an ample time I got I was able to cover the subject and did the next day exam very well.

After finishing the exam I asked my parents why they allowed me yesterday as they don’t allow me usually. Their answer was simple that if I missed the movie I wouldn’t have able to study properly for the exam, now I watched the only concentration will be to study for the exam. When something is necessary then making an exception is not a bad thing.

In my point of view I might have got away with the thing but my guilt wouldn’t have allowed me to concentrate on my exam. That guilt has kept on nagging me and it wouldn’t have made me to enjoy the movie either. At that point I felt that telling the truth was the right thing. This Kinley ad portrays my exact feeling of the day I watched inception. It always better to say the bitter truth than escape the moment.


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