Speak Up for the greater good

We all are socially responsible who can’t bear the cross of being taught as the nation that is in the developing stage for a very long time. We cannot tolerate the injustice done to the people around us and to us. But are we raising our voice against it ? this is the big question that has to be answered. We are giving a lot of emotional talks but we are forgetting about the incident very soon. We are reluctant on talking about the remedial measures that has to be taken in order to fulfill what is required. It is time to talk, not murmur. We have been murmuring for a very long period. We are seeing a lot of events that are bringing shame to us, and we feel that we are helpless in that. why can’t we do something to change that?

We have to do whatever it requires to voice against the corrupted. We need the change but are we ready to be the change. There is a spark igniting inside everyone but how much of us are ready to make it into a wildfire? It is the time to ignite it. All we youngsters need is just a push. In the social platform we are ready to share our opinion and raise the voice against the people, authorities and whoever it is for the greater good of the nation and its people.

We have plenty of resources to empower our growth but are we utilizing it properly are the big question. In this I wish to share my thoughts on what is going on the education sector. Today as far as human resources is concerned we are at a top position in the world but we are still unable to capitalize it and use it for our growth. There is a gap that has to be addressed which is missing in the transformation of a student to a professional. The skill gap is going bigger and bigger even with the increase in technology. The increase in technology should help to fill the gap but rather it is increasing the gap. Our educational institutions are keen on Academics which is important but not so keen on the relevance of it in the job. An education can be said complete only if it succeeds in educating a lot rather than getting job and improve the herd behavior among the individuals. Each student has to question the existence of the system and ask the question that why are the choosing a course. This is the important part of one’s life and existence. When one starts questioning and speak up then the purpose of education is fulfilled.

Strepsils of Reckit Benckiser has taken the initiative of Ab montu Bolege with the hashtag #AbMontuBolega, this has the tag keep calm and speak up. This initiative is to make the people speak about the issues which we are just keeping calm and not speaking. You can find more about this in the following website http://www.abmontubolega.com/, as well as to find more about the Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter.


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