Makeup Artiste

I and my friend had a long obsession for a makeup test. No for sure, not for us wanted to try it on someone. So the dream was sleeping with great obsession under the thoughtful fingers of mine and my friend. We both in the mean time were helping some of our friends in some sort of stage shows in arranging and managing the event. Not big like the couple in Band baja baraat but a small with local drama troupe. Our pockets are bit okay with the work and of course heart was happy of the work. The thing which got us closer to the troupe is that we also criticize and help them in some scripts, tell them the audience reaction and the place where the jokes worked and where it isn’t. So that made us their permanent event manager to permanent show negotiator. This made us happy but still our tickling fingers wanted to taste the art of makeup. And the chance for the experiment came in accidentally as organizing for a show the artistes wanted few more minutes to get ready and we both were filling the time by anchoring and made some conversation with the audience. Then we asked some filler artiste from the troupe to fill the stage and we both went to the back stage to see what is really happening as the time was running. Then we came to know that the makeup artistes are unable to make to the show and they are on their way which may take an hour or more. But we don’t have the luxury of time so in order to make the show going I told them that we both can do the makeup as we are trained in it.

No one really knew what we are up to and with lack of original makeup kits what are we going to do was the big question to every one of them. So my friend went to nearby shop and bought all possible/ available creams, bars and powders. So now we had no idea about the kind of makeup they needed all we knew is one is going to play a demon with black coat as a costume, another a goddess with white gown and beyond this we have an American style to drama with a prisoner with Orange jump suit. Others are just normal people who doesn’t need much emphasize on makeup. So we finished them first so that they can start the play and in the mean while we can do the makeup for the leads. My friend took care of the goddess as she knew very well and wanted to design the goddess as a Lady Galadriel so obvious choice of my demon goes to Sauron. Unfortunately the goddess has pitch black hair and we are out of powders to make the hair white too. We had this white cream and a kind of black wig so I sprayed the white cream which was later identified as a facial scrub over the wig and made it look grey. My friend has the Lady Galadriel locket which she gave to the goddess and the white gown matched and our version of Cate Blanchet is ready.

The orange jumpsuit guy needed simple treatment as he was afraid of makeup and he requested to look natural which we felt fine and all we needed to do is make salt and pepper hair style of his black hair and I personally felt powder makes it worse so I wished for an alternative. Then it suddenly hit my head we call is salt and pepper why not ash which gives exact salt and pepper. So I applied some ash in his head and so the orange jump suit guy was happy not dipping and drenching with facials. Now the biggest challenge comes from Sauron. Yes the demon guy needs big makeover. So I decided to go for something radical in my way. I decided to apply for more kajal in his eyes and all over the face as his hair was already black. Accidentally I over applied the Kajal and so I have to fill the whole face with kajal and finally I got what I expected but I was tensed what the actor may say so I kept him off the mirror and took him direct to the stage.

We were sure that this will be the end of our ties and we need to go search for another troupe to hang out with. The future cannot be predicted and so the show went well and got much more applause for the performances and also the makeup. We both were surprised and they wanted us to do it for the rest of their shows. We denied the offer genuinely and reasoned that we cannot manage all aspects and they agreed. But you the readers know the reality of our makeup. But still we enjoyed the beginner’s luck. 

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