Better Way

With age comes health issues for every human. Today we need more tablets than the food we are taking. But beyond all these tablets, a Tablet is more important to them. A Tablet is one device which helps to prioritize his events of the day. A tablet to be is more important than anything. A tablet helps me in doing things which I always forget to do. The Tablet starts of my day with Shakespeare and Henry David Thoreau. Of course when I refresh and start my work Eagles assist me with their Hotel California in it. Once I reach the office need for the tab reduces as the work demands its importance. So when the work has its upper hand my Tablet takes care of the Social presence. I update my blog and tweets in a while. Status will be updated in handy while my work takes the entire load. Beyond Facebook and twitter the blog plays a big role. Tablet helps in managing the blog and at my free time I will prepare the contents as soon it hit my head. The scheduling makes it even nicer to publish at various times. The Tablet is like a Personal Assistant which reminds me my task and keeps me engaged. My task manager is my tablet. It makes me feel like I am the king.

What I want my tablet to do more is understand and recognize my pattern of working. Once it recognizes my pattern it can able to work on its own even if I failed to set some tasks. I want my tablet to be my silent guardian, a watchful protector, the dark knight of this kingdom less king. My tablet should give me my own territory and be my chief minister. 

This post is written for Better Way competition conducted by Lenovo India and Indiblogger. you can find more at www.facebook.com/LenovoIndia 


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