Pseudo Stubble

Stubble is what he always considered as a sign to show his intellect. You should not blame him for that, rather blame all the movies where the scientists are roaming with stubble looks and no time to roam situation. This stubble made him look like those pseudo scientists. He was obsessed by most of the pseudo science that made him believe that they aren’t pseudo science at all. Thus he became youngest prodigy according to his own standards.

Now he got an opportunity to appear in an interview for a reputed post of a Research intern for a reputed university. What he was thinking is that his pseudo scientist look may be trump card to his entry although decent knowledge in the subject is more than enough for the position. He was unaware of the looks, that is the only hindrance but before appearing to the interview he was able to see the panel members who are great scientists with clean shaven looks. That made him look like a pauper with no basic knowledge in science or a person lacking diplomatic common sense. This really made him to rethink about his looks and all that pseudo scientist stuff. He just wanted to take a leap by sticking with his looks but reality is different, all he needed now is not the pen which is mightier than sword but the less mighty Blade to shave his stubble that brought his job to work with real scientists.

This post is a part of the protest against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda. I am accepting this tag from Sulaiman Sait

I would like to pass the tag to Sulaiman, Ganesh and Jothivel Moorthy.


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