No plan only Party

In rare occasions you will get a chance to arrange for a weekend party and I wish to share that rare occasion in which I handled in a pretty decent manner(to me, not to the others). Basically my guests are eccentric just like me so they entered all sudden for a part which I had no plan before. I don’t want to disappoint my friends too so I thought of all possible and Kitchens of india Came to the rescue.

So first I need to show that for the party I made some efforts so I ordered some masala mixes which is in Ready to cook form. As I am sure that my friends wouldn’t notice where the ingredients came from. First two items I bought were Vegetable Biryani mix and Paneer Makhani mix. Now these items make them believe that I am trying to cook something, this was all the gimmicks I had to do. Then we have ready to eat items available in the Kitchens of India.

All of my friends love Non vegetarian foods, I thought of ordering and design the table with quite spectacular combo of veg and non-veg. but then they will find out my little secret and the whole party will be spoiled. So I got back to my senses and ordered few sweets to start. Every party should begin with a sweet. Basically I am being obsessed with paneer I ordered Mughalai paneer and Jodhpuri Moong dhal halwa.

After all this I want to show a signature of mine so that my friends believe that I had designed and arranged the party. I cooked some rice and made special curd rice with roasted curry leaves and few south indian spices. After this I needed a pickle or chutney as a side dish. Although on seeing the various types of chutneys I want a dish that should make them believe that I had tasted and it is of my own taste and hence I decided to go with tomato and chilli chutney. People around me believe that if an item contains tomato or paneer then they are sure that it is designed, tasted by me for sure. I took advantage of the situation and the items and made the(he he ….bought the) items.

Just buying and cooking doesn’t make the meet a party. It has to be designed in an ergonomic manner and this is the place where my mind has to do some work(actually it did a splendid job in selecting the items already). In my house we don’t have a dining table as we prefer to eat on Padmasana in the floor. So I managed to get some chairs around and then I took the two study table I had and another one from my neighbor and covered it with beautiful table cloth which is used for a while for some decoration purpose.

The Biryani and the curd rice in the centre and the gravy and other items surrounding it and the sweets parted into five cups and each placed independently near the chair with a pure white plate with golden lining. A fork and spoon placed near the plate and at this moment I called the party members(oh no no, not the political party but the party attending members). They all had the great joy enjoying the party after I was expecting “Machi great party, you have done a wonderful job”. But the words that came are different, “Machi party is great and where is the Champagne da?”.

Sigh….. you can never satisfy these guys. Still a memorable and remarkable party without preplanning. Thanks to Kitchens of India.


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