Homo Sapiens

We basically from India and call ourselves the cultural saviours. We say that cows are gods, women are goddess and treat them like the same. But the statistics says it otherwise. Most amount of molestation and rape is taking place in here and our cities are stated as the least safest city for women.

We say that we believe in saving the cultural heritage and support Child marriage at the other hand. We say that we believe that modernization, urbanization and westernization is killing the cultural heritage of our country and at the other hand we are killing people for the adopting to the above. Killing the innocent was never a part of our culture to my feeble knowledge.

We are facing a lots and lots of problems against women in our society. On the whole we cannot change everything at once. We need a superhero to change everything at once but unfortunately that’s not possible. So we need to go to the basic and correct each ourselves, changes in individual changes the society. Just like Tolkien said, “People believe that the great power that can hold evil in check but that is not true. But it is the small things, the everyday deeds of the ordinary folks that keeps the darkness at bay”.

As an ordinary folk I want to change myself and the character I ingrain in myself will be cherished forever not only be me. The attitude towards woman has to be ingrained in one and that’s the only way a mankind can evolve. One has to bring courage in oneself and bring out the change in the society. Courage is not when to take a life but it is when to spare one. That kind of courage has to be ingrained in every human.

Humanity today at stake and we believe in higher power in our case it is Men and women is inferior and we assume that we have the right to take advantage of them. But the truth is men are weaker and unable to understand the genius and higher power of women and hence we imbibed the thought that they are inferior to keep them away. Now as the women understood the point they are growing and standing against the men but the men has to understand the point that it is not who is superior, who is inferior. We all have to stay together and live life for a greater good of the species named homo sapiens.

So as a first step we should think of one thing there is no higher or lower in men and women we both are homo sapiens. And the second thing is seeing things from other’s point of view. We all see things from one and only point of view that’s our dominant point of view. Once we able to see things from their point of view then there won’t be any problem. This may sound like a simple and not big thing but these small things bring changes in the thinking of the society. As I said earlier the small things comes big changes.

This post has been published as a part of Indichange, ring the bell organized by Indiblogger and you can find out more at http://www.bellbajao.org/


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