HITS HITS HITS – A Blog Celebrity story

It seems the bug bit me too. The Blog celebrity status, the hits and people hailing me as you are the great, I learnt to read by reading your blog (simply as sombu). So this status and all the celebrity status making me think I am the king of the world. And so I wrote a post on my Tamil blog in the traces of a Prabala Pathivar(Blog celebrity). People started thinking it as a spoof of the blogger and insulting him. At this point I want to clearly explain two points here,

1.      1. Spoof is not to insult the person; it is a way of hailing the person or a way presents the homage to the cult of the person or the work. So if you think my work as a spoof then its not to insult the person but rather it’s a homage.
2.      2. Then the second point is I am not good at spoofs and so I haven’t tried spoof in my last post. It is actually a tyro’s eager to become a Celebrity blogger by achieving the methods which are established by the already established bloggers in the virtual world. It is just like making a movie based on the recent blockbuster.

I have justified my action for which I was blamed as insane and a cheap act. Now my eagerness towards the hits and the Prabala Pathivar status is not reduced a bit. It would be insane to tell that I have attained the karma once I was scolded, even if said it would be like a child’s anger to stop eating chocolates once scold.
So I made it clear that I am behind hits and status, so why bothering is the question. Once a wise man told, you may be a genius but your marks only talks to your way to a doctorate which is analogous to the content of the blog. Your content may be experimental, intellectual but your hits talks more than anything and makes sure of your status and motivation to blog. One may question that you are blogging for your own sake, you don’t need to consider others, you are not writing for them, the blog is yours and all the content is for your satisfaction. Then ultimate reason or aim for the blogging arises and you will fall for the appreciation and which will result in hits. If you don’t want any appreciation or doesn’t even give a damn about who are reading then you can make it as a personal blog without posting it anywhere, I am sure you are not a great leader to preach or give homeless a great help.

So now it can also be easily related to the movies. You make entertainment movies for the audience to enjoy and for that you need an audience. You don’t make an entertainment movie for yourself and without audience enjoying and keeping it yourself. So one may ask what about arthouse movies, they too don’t make movies for themselves after making it they try harder to place it to the respective audiences or else they have to forget the next step. At all case the audiences are important, either it be arthouse or entertainment or blogs or whatsoever. So rather than working and placing, tyro like me works according to the place and it isn’t a big mistake. The celebrity status and hits are the box office collection which inspires a lot of people like to do more blogging and inspires to makes more entertainment.

P.S: This is not a spoof. 


6 thoughts on “HITS HITS HITS – A Blog Celebrity story

  1. the point of having a blog is its a free way to vomit whatever comes into your mind and have others read it seriously without understanding the context in which you wrote it..that in itself is the biggest spoof…


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