The Alchemist

I have heard more about the alchemist and their job. I have wondered about their work and I have thought more about the possibility of converting the base metals. After I read the novel or novella “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, the definition of life, language and Alchemist changed totally. His philosophy and his approach are damn good and he pulled me towards him to read him. In a general point of view it is just a treasure hunt story, but is it just a treasure hunt story? This is the best question I asked myself. I recollected what he said about the language in the book and used it as my presentation topic in Communication Lab for the next day. In the presentation along with my interpretation of the book and my own thoughts I mixed up and presented a cocktail. I would like to present the transcript of my presentation in here so that you can enjoy how a person can mix/mess up a thought of a writer. I talked this under the topic “Language and Communication”.
Language is a tool to communicate, but the aim of language is to communicate. So we are clear that communication is the main of the development of language but we are giving more important to the development of the language rather than the development of the communication (as it is communication lab to impress the external these words). Once the language started off with a non-verbal form and slowly shaped up to verbal form which we are using today. We are keeping on upgrading our language in order to communicate in a comfortable and easy manner. It is very well clear from our SMS language. Even the opting for the English language is to communicate with a vast kind of people and hence communication plays a pivotal role towards a language.
Now we have a big question that is language is to communicate only with other people? Or in other words do we need to communicate only with others? We have been coming across listen to your heart, do what your brain says, the nature is telling something phrases. Are they true? This is the thing I wish to discuss. Our ancestors were talked to the nature and it is evident from the texts and the history, but why we are unable to do so? Is that we restricted our language to communicate just with other humans and it let to the situation that we are unable even to communicate with ourselves. At least we have to know/learn the language to communicate with our heart and our brain. It cannot be said as language literally but it is has to be communicated. But after saying all these what is meant by communicating with heart and brain, i said we have to communicate with our heart and our brain then the ultimate question arises “who am i?” so it is clear from all the questions I asked that it is all about self-realization only after that we can go the point of communicating with nature.
Communicating with nature arises the question is it essential or the need of it. But I personally felt that it, the search for the need restricted us from communicating from many things and now the need is forcing us to extend our communication. This can be very well explained by the mother tongue usage and forcing ourselves to learn the universal language. In the same way we might face a situation where there is a need to communicate with the nature as we are yet to discover the nature and its origins and its evolution completely. The next step is how to learn the language to communicate with nature. I felt it is more intuitional and this intuition comes only if you can communicate with your heart, which is the real you.
From the opinions I told above one can conclude that everything right from communicating to understanding the world relies on a single factor called self-realization. Realizing one can only lead proper and better communication and it can only make one to evolve other things may help in one’s growth.
This is how I concluded my speech just like I have made this own topic. Of course I have plagiarized many things from the opinions of Paulo Coelho and added my own interpretations and led my imagination to flow over the top and brought a product which totally messed up the opinions of Mr. Coelho. The point I still haven’t arrested by the police is that I haven’t made money out it. I just thought of saying Mr. Coelho’s name after my wonderful speech, but I got a fear that if I say his name and external may get angry on my messy interpretation and may keep an eye on my marks and so I stopped mentioning the great writer’s name. To be frank I showed my respect to the writer by not mentioning his name. If I have mentioned his name, then I can’t forgive myself from the guilty feel. 

7 thoughts on “The Alchemist

  1. Nice one !! More often than not, we tend to forget the purpose !

    Oh and this post reminds me of a very famous debate – Is hindi the official or national language of India 😉


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