Daily Prompt – Center

So Today the prompt word is center. Although I wanted to write it as a centre and a friend of mine wrote the entire post surrounding the same, I go for another subject altogether.

Center is always the favourite position to each and every human being. Being right at the center to be the center of attraction is always an intriguing one. But I would like to give you some suggestions on why you shouldn’t be at the center. If you are not at the center, you won’t be having people look at you every time. You can do whatever you like, rather if you are at the center then your activities will be guided by the sources surrounding you. You might be the powerful centre but for sure you can’t control your movements. You will be the tightly knitted nucleus but rather the electrons surrounding you will be enjoying freely. People might say that you are indeed positively charged whereas the free roaming electrons are filled with negativity but your will suffer my dear. And the damages caused by those free roamers are comparatively manageable than the explosion caused by you. So I would suggest you not to be at the center.

A Wannabe glitter’s story

Glitter attracts the crowd, so it is natural for everyone to get drawn towards the glittery one than of a subtle one. So here is a short story of a pencil that wanted to a glitter. The pencil wanted to become glitter but it felt that it is too tough to withstand the process to become a glitter. So it thought for a long time of how to become a glitter without going through the tedious process. So finally it felt that it can become a glitter once if it joined the place where all the glitters are. It may not have to be glitter, as it belongs to that place the people around will accept it as a glitter too.

Yes, now the pencil which unable to undergo the severe process somehow joined the stock where all the glitters are. The glitters already know that it’s not one among them but the aim of the pencil is to make the world believe it is a glitter. Yes, the whole world believed the pencil to be a glitter despite it not being a glitter.

This blog is my response to “The Daily Post”s prompt Glitter

Easy way to download

Howdy all,

Its been a long time I am posting in this space. Today I wish to share about the app which helps me in downloading the contents from torrents in a better way and faster way. The app i am talking about is the site https://www.seedr.cc/ . The operation in this site is that if you paste the magnetic link of the torrents in the site then automatically it captures the torrent in the cloud space provided to you. from there you can download the files either through browser or through an external downloader such as IDM which considerably increases the speed. So this is rather a better way to download torrents if your uTorrent is not optimized.

This post might look like an advertisement but I am sharing this because it will be useful to many people who are actually looking to download large files through torrents and taking days and weeks to complete it. And the best part is it’s free till 2 GB for extra space you can pay a premium.

Anmol Uphar – Precious Gift



There always comes time when we will be in a situation to buy a gift for a person close to us. The toughest thing ever in the world is gifting them something that has to precede the previous gift or gifting them something that lasts longer than anything. As a basic definition of the gift, the gift should resemble the love for person and also should show the moment or the day. Recently I came across a unique gifting concept in Facebook. The gift is gifting Indian currency note with the serial number signifying the date coordinates we want. The gifting is named Anmol Uphar. I have uploaded few sample pictures of the currency in here.

11717353_10155895666840085_4291946354021286583_o 11055268_10155895669525085_5929511002605249019_o


A situation came for me where I have to suggest my friend a gift for celebrating his first anniversary of the marriage. He nearly bought anything I was thinking as a potential gift already. To my feeble knowledge there is not much idea left for an exciting gift. That was exactly the time I came across this gifting. So I suggested him which was the day he proposed to his wife and asked him to buy the entire of notes from 1 – 1000.

I suggested to write a poem defining each note to that of the set with what he wish to buy from that but instead gave it as a gift to you because of the date. She must be impressed with the lines he allotted for each rupee. As it is a public forum I cannot disclose the romantic lines of him for two reasons. First being the intimacy and second being the line being written by him for his soulmate and it won’t be good to share in public forum.

If you wish to gift the same then you can check out their website http://www.anmoluphar.com or you can get in touch through their official facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/anmoluphar. They also have an instagram presence at the user name anmoluphar. I have also added a picture of complete set for a particular date.

kamal & neeti garg

Pricing is pretty simple:

  • single currency till 100: Rs.1500
  • 1-1000 entire set: Rs.11000/-

They are also open for corporate orders. To order please do contact them at anmoluphar@gmail.com or simply reach them at 9899152321 any time. .

Honey Diet to tone yourself



A healthy balanced diet is not just an activity to flaunt your weight loss but it is an essential activity to flaunt your healthy life. My body condition unique that I had to constantly exercise in order to keep my weight checked. Especially I was practicing karate and in order to enter a tournament I need to maintain the same weight throughout the year. It was damn tough especially if you exercise a lot it burn a lot calories in turn you obviously take a huge chunk of food. This as a result increases the weight. So if you are exercising then you should be conscious of your diet.

Honey was the savior at that time. I was told to reduce the sweet content in my food but I am being a sweet fanatic was unable to control my mouth. I stopped many fat items but still sweets were the one thing especially coffee and tea, those items never existed without sugar for me. It was crucial time where I had to maintain my weight without even losing 200 grams. Even a 100 gram increase in weight would lead to disqualification from the tournament, they had strict rules of candidates. From that day by a friend’s advice I came across the Honey diet.

Honey diet made me feel that I am not actually dieting but rather changing the food’s nutritional value to greater good. In fact the taste was very good with honey rather than of the sugar. For the three months the honey diet helped me in achieving the weight control. But more than that I felt a kind of refreshed after the tenure and I saw it as a healthy eating habit. Right from that day I use honey whenever possible rather than sugar.

If you are an experimenter then you can try a lot of dishes with honey. You can check a lot about the honey diet in the http://www.daburhoney.com/ here you can also see a lot recipes suggested by Chef Vikas Khanna. And part from the tastier and variety of dishes you can see the nutritional value of the dishes with honey in the other sections. I would like to share my simple method of bringing honey diet. I changed my morning coffee with the lemon tea, making of lemon tea is simple all you have to do is few drops of lemon, one and half spoon of honey and few leaves of tulsi. Add these to the hot water and you will get a nice lemon tea. The lemon tea removed not only a bit sugar but also a good amount of milk and coffee from my life. This resulted in a toned body for a while. I would really suggest you to start your honey diet with the lemon tea that is more delicious than any other tea and it is more refreshing than any other tea. It brings not only nutritious food in to your body but also some good taste so you won’t feel bad for that.

UC Browser the name says it is EC



When it comes to cricket match, staying glued to the seat with a stick between the lids to keep the eyes wide awake is not enough to watch the match. You need more than that to watch and enjoy the attention to details. We emphasize on the attention to detail so much when it comes to cricket even Steve Jobs will be amazed of the attention to the details of a normal Indian citizen. This was all the way to watch the match until I entered my post graduation course in management. Once entered the college has only one small tv in a room where only a handful of people can sit. Apart from that we have lots and lots of net restrictions so that we cannot use our laptops to check the scores.

So now we have mobile phones and internet facilities to check the scores live but for a student like me who have data restrictions an app that is fast, consumes less data and informs the score instantly is necessary. Uc browser is an guardian angel to any net users who uses 2G internet package. UC Browser can be downloaded at http://www.ucweb.com/ the great thing about this is that you don’t have to install any apps that consumes a huge chunk of your minuscule data. Just download and install UC Browser and in that you can find the Cricket icon with a cricket ball. Just click it to get all the live score updates instantly. You can enable auto updates so that you don’t have to refresh every single time to check the scores. It is one rational app that provides its service irrespective of your platform, be it Android, Nokia symbian phones, iPhones, JAVA phones, Windows or even Blackberry.

With my college located in the midst of a thick forest where even getting a 2G signal is like finding an oasis in the midst of a desert, UC browser is the only way to understand the speed of the internet. Geeks like me who can’t fight with the crowd to see a glimpse of the game. This app is the greatest gift for Geeks like me who wants to save the data for cost cutting purposes, for the geeks like me who despite of all these shortcomings don’t want to miss a tiny moment of cricket for the love of game.

Whenever I use the facility of UC Cricket I personally feel the results are good. You can call it my lucky charm but still the app is so good that once you accustomed to it you will nor think of using any other data consuming app. UC browser is lite, fast and looks damn cool than any other app. I would suggest all my readers to check with the app from the link given above, once you started using you wont go for any other app.

Maa ke saath Buddy moment



Kellog’s Chocos has come up with the campaign of promoting the concept of buddy parenting. They have come up with the term khuljayiye bachpan, which translates as open the kid in you. In this post I would like to share my unfettered pal with my mother.

It was around my third grade, I was very much coward. But Jackie Chan amazed me and I wanted to learn Karate. When I told this to my mom she agreed like anything. I asked for singing class, dance class and music class and never crossed a week. I always had a loads of reason to reject each of the art at that age. Even I had no idea that I will continue the martial arts. First week crossed and I as usual cried of pain and gave a rational explanation at that age to my mother that it is causing more pain, and I am unable to work later on and the reasons went that way. My mom readily agreed and also gave me a lot of advice where she had her own way of telling me the continue.

She told that let me stop but if I stop the first week itself then people will say bad about me and people won’t understand the leg and arm pains so just go for one belt grading examination then after that you can take your leave. As she said I had the thought that this will be my last days in martial arts so why to think about the pain and I went with full energy and for the rest of 6 weeks the pain didn’t irked me. On the day of my grading my mood was not so good, my Sensei had frightened me with the strict grading to flaunt the standards of their Do-jo but he have no clue about my mother struggling hard to make me go to an art without backing.

I was totally out of my mind on the grading day and told my mother that as anyway I am going to stop why can’t I stop before grading. She said she will ask few things to me if I answer correctly I can withdraw from the belt examination. First thing she asked was do I want to Jackie or not? If I don’t want to be then no problem at all, I can withdraw from the grading. She told jackie always strike back even after getting a lots of hits because Jackie can do it, so if I want to be Jackie I can also do it right? I was half minded and she told let this grading exam decide whether you can be Jackie or not, if you failed lets just leave Karate and say it is not our cup of tea, if you passed then you can become Jackie. I found the deal to be more of straight answer and I went ahead to the grading examination and got the best performer award for the same. The first win was not expected but my mom made me go not by forcing or deceiving but just asked if I am doing what I want to do. Now I am a International Gold medalist and national medalist in Karate and TaeKwondo respectively. This all happened because of the buddy moment with my mom at my first belt grading examination. To know more about Kellog’s chocos visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mychocos.

My Airtel app

My Airtel App is the official mobile app which is available for Android in Google play store. As of now this is available with full features only for the Android users and soon will be available for the iPhone users. On using this what I found awe inspiring is that it is a collective service management app for all the services provided by the Airtel. Be it the recharge for the mobile or DTH or for the landline or for the broadband all I do in a single app in my phone. This actually made my job easy and keep tabs on all the occasions of the I have to take care for a month. To be more explorative I wish to point out three key features that actually suit my lifestyle to a T.

The first feature I wish to express is that getting alerts on the low balance, deadline for the bill and all the due date for the payments. Basically in the fast moving lifestyle of mine I regularly forget the bill payment or don’t keep tabs on how much I spend on the data. If the data pack is over and the data consumption is deduced from the main balance I have no clue. I am that much careless and some one like a mom has to do this job. My Airtel app does that perfectly. It reminds me when to recharge, be it low balance or the data consumption.

The second feature that suits me is Security of the payment. I do most of my payments electronically and that makes me hassle free and lets me keep no cash in my hand. I depend on the electronic money for each and everything but also I am afraid the money is accepted or not. Sometimes it might not reach the receiver and it will be still deduced from my account and this app helps me tracking my payment. Real time bill tracking is another big leap for the airtel app. This provides a great hand to the people who rely on electronic money to a greater extent.
The third and most important feature I love in the app is that the feature called Airtel Surprises. I may be a person working on a decent paying job but I am kid still in my heart and everybody are when it comes to surprises. Who wouldn’t love surprises? With every recharge an AirTel Surprise then imagine a guy who recharges his mobile, DTH and broadband. He will be drenched with surprises. That makes this outstanding from any other app. This i think is the key feature to my lifestyle of expecting surprises. I have to hand it to you guys, with just this surprise aspect you caught me whole. To explore more please to visit the link http://www.airtel.in/myairtel.

My First Expert – Mera Maa



Beyond a reasonable doubt it is a fact that the mother is the first expert to any child. This fact holds true at all circumstances. To me her expertise helped me to travel in the road what I am traveling today. It was during the time when my twelfth grade results were announced and I have no clue on my further education. That was the first instant I was able to consciously glorify and able to understand her expertise in the education. She asked me whether I am interested in a course or college? As my marks were lower I have to satisfy myself with limited options available. I have partly decided that I wanted to do Engineering as a part of my herd thinking behavior. My mother didn’t actually opposed it but rather questioned me further on my choices. It is she who helped me understand that the preference has to be given to the course contents over the place. My first preference was college and relied on the brand name. At that time I firmly believed that the brand of the college will give me good placements but I had no idea about what kind of job I would like to do. I was trying to convince my mother about my opinion and she never really opposed and nodded to all my questions.

After getting the mark sheets from the college on the way home we both felt thirsty and I wanted to drink Pepsi. At the shop Pepsi was not available and I wanted to opt for Coca-Cola. I said that to my mom, but she replied that if Pepsi is not there why not go for 7UP or Mirinda rather than going for Coca-Cola? Isn’t that the brand you care about right not the flavor of the drink? I was shocked and it took me a while to understand the reference behind it. Then it took me a while to figure out the course to choose. She made me understand the importance of the content over the place. This solved my educational issue for the first time.

Then for the second time I faced the problem in my education. During my second year of engineering I developed my interest towards writing and movies. I straight up went to my mom asking that I want to switch my career as I am not interested in the way course is going. When few of my friends and relatives were scolding and compelled me to go in the same course. She didn’t compel me or said anything. She said if that’s what I wish then I can do what ever I like. But after a while she said that she is going to cook Cauli Flower fry for dinner and I was happy. It is one of my favorite dish. I was helping her in the process and all of a sudden when cleaning the cauliflower she smelled it and said it doesn’t taste good. So I too smelled and it was the usual smell of the cauliflower although it smelled bad I said once it is completed then it will smell good, you cannot judge the taste of the dish at the interim you can say once it is cooked. If you don’t like even after it is cooked then you can say that you don’t like the dish. On hearing that she was smiling at me and said the words, “when you can say the same, why not can I?” that was like a big blow in my head. That made me to complete my engineering and let me travel towards my passion of writing in a different stream.

Always mothers are the expert, whenever a child tries to outsmart her she will let the child to do so. That makes her smarter than any. She has a way to deal with all the children. My mother has a knack with simile and metaphors which cannot be replaced. When I look back to my childhood days I remember her subtlety in explaining the issues and solving the problems. In this opportunity I have to thank Indiblogger and Godrej Expert for giving an opportunity to write about my mom. To know more about the product Godrej Expert Rich Creme hair colour please do visit http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php